yuri rodrigues
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Scientific Interests


I am an applied mathematician with a keen interest in neuroscience. My main goal is that simulation neuroscience brings benefits for human health and expand our understanding of neuropathologies. At Zimmer Lab I worked as a research assistant with graph theory applied to neuroimaging and other topics related to Alzheimer's modeling, for instance, protein aggregation dynamics and classification. Currently, I am heading to a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience to model synapses under pathologic and healthy conditions at INRIA.

Non-Science Biography 


When I am not in the lab I am with my friends at the pub or enjoying the nature. I love food, mainly discover new veggies adaptations and its hacks. I believe most of the good things in life are experienced without planning, so I like very much to walk or cycle randomly until finding something amazing to admire. 

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