Pâmela Lukasewicz
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Scientific Interests


I am a Pharmacist graduated at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). During college, I had the opportunity to participate of an exchange program (Science Without Borders) and went to the University of East Anglia (UK). There I study and participate of a research project focusing on improvement of peptide synthesis for cancer treatment. In 2014, I started my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at UFRGS, under the supervision of Professor Pedro Froehlich and Professor Aline Zimmer concluding in August 2018. During  my PhD I worked with therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressants in renal transplant patients in biological fluids, as blood and saliva. With the results, it was possible to perform pharmacokinetic analysis and establish a correlation between both fluids.

I have experience in the field of industrial pharmacy, with emphasis on analysis and quality control of drugs. During my PhD, I develop the expertise in development and validation of bioanalitical methods and therapeutic drug monitoring using alternative matrices such as saliva, milk and meconium.

While I was doing my PhD, I met Professor Eduardo Zimmer and became interested in Alzheimer's. So I started applying my bioanalytical knowledge to ongoing projects, seeking to contribute to the group's growth in several areas. Currently, I am a Pos-doc of Zimmer Lab performing production and quality control of oligomers and development of methods for the evaluation and quantification of Alzheimer's biomarkers in blood, saliva and cerebrospinal fluid.


Non-Science Biography 


I am an agitated person who is always looking for something to do. I like to learn new things and one of my biggest passions is traveling to know new cultures. I love dogs, and in my free time I like to take mine ​​for a walk, which helps me to relax. My greatest passions when I have time are read and cook, because thus is the moment that I can slow down and relax.

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