guilherme schu
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Scientific Interests


I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics and recently I have obtained a master's degree in Electrical Engineering. I have experience with Image processing, computer vision applications and pattern recognition methods. During my undergraduation I have worked on several projects related to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), accumulating 2.5 years of experience with research in this field. Particularly, the projects, in which I was involved, were related with Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and functional MRI (fMRI). In contrast, during my masters studies I have changed my domain of research and embraced the field of pattern recognition and the intersected areas of computer vision and image processing. Some relevant topics that I have studied included the areas of: stereo vision, color image segmentation, edge and corner detection, backgound-foreground estimation for video sequences, super resolution and dictionary learning. Particularly, my master thesis focused on tackling the problem of color image segmentation. I have developed an original clustering method that works by finding local modes on a discrete distribution using a Bayesian framework. Currently, as a research assistant at Zimmer-Lab, I have been exploiting the construction of metabolic networks derived from [18F] FDG PET data and investigating the use of such networks for classification purposes.

Non-Science Biography 


A few years ago, right before getting into college to become a physicist, I used to dream about making a career as a musician (deeply down, I believe I probably still dream about it). I actually have already played in a band professionally (i.e. people have paid me money to play for them) and recorded a couple of songs for a CD. This curiosity reveals much about my personal interests and hobbies. When I am not in the lab working, and when I am not at home watching cat/random videos on the internet, I will probably be in my bedroom pretending I am a lead guitar player of a great rock and roll band, while my girlfriend gently laughs at me. Generally I redeem myself with her (of course) playing some of the songs that I have written to her. If my best songs don’t work (they usually do), I basically cook her something (after all, everybody knows lasagnas can cure souls). I also enjoy very much to discuss deeply meaningful subjects like philosophy, physics and politics with friends at inappropriate places such as bars and clubs, while other people dance, shake their bodies and have fun. I try myself very hard to be politicized and informed about the craziness that are happening around the world (including my country, Brazil), but sometimes it seems the world is ending faster than I can keep myself updated with the news. I actually have tried a couple of times to be serious engaged in political causes (I consider myself a pragmatic anarchist) and one of the most amazing things (in this sense) that ever happen to me was that I have changed a couple of emails with Noam Chomsky himself. Last but not least, recently, I have discovered a whole new world: trekking. Last year, my girlfriend and I went trekking in the Patagonia mountains and somehow we managed to survive. I had a really great time exploring the nature in such extreme way, and I plan in the near future to adventure myself through other mountains as well.

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