fernando rigon
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Scientific Interests


I am studying my last year of journalism, and very interested in specializing in the area of scientific dissemination. I hope to gain the necessary knowledge by living daily close to talented scientists, to follow discoveries and events related to the area. In scientific journalism, I am interested in guidelines related to universities, laboratories and research sectors that generate products and facts. Also, the public policies for the area, the problems of society, the controversies surrounding scientific and technological issues, the daily life of the sector and everyday life, in general, are matters that I hope to have contact with by working with science. Currently, as a undergraduate student at Zimmer Lab, I lead a scientific outreach project through digital media.


Non-Science Biography 


Outside the lab, I like to listen to rock’n’roll music, watch drama series and support the best brazilian soccer team: Internacional. My favorite weather is fog. I also like talking about politics, the world, current events, social injustices, and pretty much everything else with my friends on a regular basis. By discussing with them, I keep thinking, keep grounded and inspired to think outside the box or the bubble.




Movie: Into the Wild

Music: Pink Floyd

Book: In Cold Blood

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Drink: Bourbon

Activity: Play Football

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