Welcome to the Zimmer Neuroimaging Laboratory


The Zimmer Lab is interested in understating neuron-to-glia communication in Alzheimer’s disease, aiming to decipher precise mechanisms and to develop innovative therapeutic strategies. The laboratory comprehends a multidisciplinary team conducting translational research. We collaborate with an extensive network of scientists worldwide and we are committed to scientific training in the field of neuroimaging, pharmacology and neurochemistry.

We welcome graduate students and postdocs interested in work with Alzheimer’s disease or related brain proteinopathies. If you have interest please contact us.


Paper of the week

Here, we comment most noteworthy articles in Alzheimer’s disease field. Keep yourself up-to-date with news and remarkable discoveries.



December 09-11, 2019

Yale-Capes SBS / Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 14, 2019

VI Mostra da Bioquímica / Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 06, 2019

I Ciclo de Palestras em Neuroimagem / Porto Alegre, Brazil

October 23-26, 2019

 I South Brazilian Symposium on Neuroscience / Araranguá, Brazil

September 26, 2019

Thinking AHEAD: Astrocytes in Health And Dementia / London, UK 

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